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Hrithik Kangana War | Intimate Pic Video Leaked

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Hrithik Kangana War : KEY EVIDENCE SUBMITTED BY HRITHIK ROSHAN TO THE CYBER CELL ; Hrithik roshan has submitted some proof saying that it’s Kangana Ranaut who has been mailing her and these mails which I am presenting to you are the proof of it. He has deposited the copies of the emails.

Hrithik Kangana War | Intimate Pic Video Leaked

To the cyber crime Investigation Cell. Media also tried to contact Senior Inspector on this matter Kalpana Gadekar of the division but she denied saying she will not be talking in this matter.

The emails copy send by Hrithik Roshan was managed by Bombay Times to source it on Digital foresnsic Analysis of the emails.


Point 1

The complete scene started when in one of the parties of Karan Johar Hrithik Roshan shared his mail Id to Kangana. His real id was shared with Kangana as . He was not aware of all this at that time. Sharing of Id became a real Headache for him. The party was held on May 24, 2014.

Point 2

Sources have said that the forensics reports as found no evidence which shows Hrithik association with the id:

Point 3

She says that Hrithik Roshan had proposed her in January 2014, denied by the actor who is saying that he never travelled to Paris in that particular period .

Point 4

Kangana Ranaut hasn’t shared any pictures of Hrithik roshan with her, if she was in relationship with him, she should have shared few pictures of his with her too. Hence we come to this conclusion that the whole affair is cooked up.

Point 5

She has agreed to her own confessed in one of the mails that she has Aspersers’ which had mailed to Hrithik. This was made public in all the interviews by Hrithik roshan says Kangana.

Point 6

She says Hrithik Roshan has hacked her account in one of the mails.

 Point 7

She says to media that his Email Id given by him to her is correct and the conversation or exchange of mails is the proof of the relationship which he is denying. The press was told that the exchange of mails is a real proof of their relationship. However, Hrithik himself has sent out any replies to her.

Point 8

Few of her mails also say that Hrithik didn’t seem to be interested or attracted to her in their initial meetings.

Point 9

She has herself made statement that she is closed to Hrithik Roshan, although even after doing a film Krish 3 in 2013, there wasn’t much of communication with one another and they seem to be no relationship between them. This was her own thinking and she made her own statement, she found herself to be shy and tongue- tied.

Point 10

Some mails seem to suggest that Hrithik is her childhood obsession.

Mentioned here are some of her words from which one can make out that it was her who was messaging him and there wasn’t any response coming from Hrithik Roshans end.

She says that she sometimes feel unsure of everything. She talks of love and asked him question saying does our love really exist or it’s just a phantasy? Is our love for real or is it an imaginary person I talk to?”

In one of her another mails, its read out her saying,”I found out that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I am stressed about it. If you get time read about it. I have 98% of its syndrome.”

She also messaged saying this, “When I saw you for the first time, in Manali in some Hindi paper, I went into a trance and thought to myself, ‘This guy is for me.”

Another messages says, “What if someday I meet you and you tell me that you haven’t received anything. You don’t even know me, you never loved me. What will I do then? Will I ever recover from that revelation of that fatal reality?”

One of sources close to Kangana says that she can’t be held responsible for what she hasn’t written.

One of the sources said that her account was hacked. She says that she had told Hrithik Roshan on karan birthday that her emails are hacked. She found that it was him who hacked it and he is misusing her account and also threatened to take actions. She also shut the account and broke up with him as per her statement. The reason being he denied everything they shared. She opened new account which was again hacked. She also blamed hrithik roshan saying that he was himself sending messages and he wanted to build a case saying that she was in love with him and he wasn’t. When the exchange of email happened, there was no love between them and no relationship.

Another thing which one should know about this drama is that she has also agreed that she won’t mind denying about love mails she has written because some of them were from her actual affair. But she wanted to see which are real and which are fake. She also called her dad and said that she wanted to have a meeting which hrithik roshan refused. She had actually complained about him. The legal team of Hrithik says that it’s over a month now and she hasn’t shared any relationship pictures of her with him which is a proof that the story is al build up.

Kangana Ranaut has claimed that Hrithik Roshan is lying; he has cooked up story and is now denying the affair. She says she was being proposed by him whom he is denying .On the other end Hrithik Roshan says that this whole story is cooked up by her; he has proof of her own written mails. She has also lodged and FIR against him saying he has cooked up story, he has hacked her account and he has mailed himself saying she is responsible for it. The messages are not written by her but Hrithik who is lying all the time.Checkout Femina Miss India 2016 Hot Bikini Photoshoot

Kangana’s lawyer’s statement

Kangana ranauts advocate “Mr. Rizwan Siddiquee” has cleared it saying that Hrithik Roshan has hacked her account twice and self mailed from her end. This happened 8 months ago. Her lawyer also said that she was forced to shut the primary account twice. The counter notice dated 1st march 2016 was send to hrithik roshan which he hasn’t replied till date although the lapse of more than fifty days has occurred.

All the statement made by Hrithik clearly says that the mails are not genuine and are fabricated story of Kangana ranaut. He has also filed an FIR on 5th of March 2016 after kangana claimed that her mails were hacked. Kangana Ranaut advocate says that his client is innocent as she is not denying that some mails were genuine not all , the genuine conversation was send to Hrithik Roshan on his correct id . But she has to verify the content of it. Hrithik roshan on the other end is trying to blame and spoil my client’s reputation by sharing mails to media which are not true. He is trying to tarnish her name and image and trying to put pressure on her name.

As per her lawyer he says that Hrithik should take back his words, and not share such fabricated messages to media and spoil her client’s reputation. He should answer all questions publicly and not keep quiet on the main subject of his notice. Pressurizing my client will not prove any good to him. All his statements are needed and not the proof which is fabricated.

A statement from a member of Hrithik’s legal team

One of the members of Hrithik Roshan Legal team has clearly stated that they have submitted all the evidence to the Cyber Crime and the authorities are working on it. The only intention is to proof that Our Client Hrithik Roshan had no affair or relationship with Kangana ranaut. It’s a story build up by her. They said they are not seeking anything else. She has to give her laptop for verification; once she does that it can be easily verified who is the culprit. So wait and let the investigation happen.Checkout Kajal Agrwal Hot Bikini Images

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