Padman Movies Box Office Collection

Padman Movies Box Office Collection

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Padman Box Office Collection: Will it be Akshay First Blockbuster in 2018

Versatile actor and Stunt Performer Akshay Kumar has delivered many commercial hits in more than two decades now. To begin his film journey, Akshay has the mixed bag of fortune as initially film industry labeled as the action hero that can do only actions. But the demands in 90’s were like every upcoming star emulates Sunny Deol to some extent and the craze to become an action hero was always in their mind. Akshay has worked filmmakers to earn the respect to the film industry with deadly fight sequences or mortal combat fight which still Akshay Kumar favorite signature action style. 

Padman Movies Cast, Actress, Story

Akshay Kumar New Movies

There were lots of gossips surrounded by his linkup with the leading actress in 90’s. Some of them even alleged against his name but the real story with Veteran Actress Rekha romances with him in khiladiyon ka Khiladi makes the tag as the hottest Jodi in that year. Good looks and dynamic personality are some of the Akshay key style personas and 2017 was the year of Akshay Kumar.

He is the only actor in Indian film industry that constantly does different genres of film to keep evolving as a person. Indian film industry labeled or typecast him as a bankable star and in 2017 Akshay has delivered many hit films. No wonder his association with the leading brand makes the star presence felt and moving forward Akshay Kumar will be in top earner celebrity and from the personal life his wife Twinkle Khanna has ventured into film producing and also one of the acclaimed authors to known for.

Akshay Kumar New Movies

Since the past year, Akshay reemerged as main character performer than doing the same action films. He himself admits that earlier he was doing action films only because of money and cements his place in Indian film industry as an action star.

But after the certain point of time, he feels bored to do the same thing again and moves forward to do different subjects of the film. Akshay has reunited with many filmmakers some of them are the new one like Tinu Suresh Desai who was the maker of last year hit Rustom. Also, Akshay is a great believer in giving the talented star, actor or director to their due respect. Any newcomers that wish to work with the big star feel reluctant to work initially but not so with Akshay Kumar. Akshay has launched and assists many filmmakers that make the rapport between an actor and director truly works.

Box Office Collection Padman 2018

Akshay Kumar New Movies

In 2018, Akshay first releases movie padman has everything that a viewer asks for. It is an informative as well as a commercial brand of the film which shot in rural areas for having awareness of menstrual hygiene. Indian film industry has never touched this kind of subject on silver screen. Akshay strikes a perfect balance of choosing the right content and commercial value.

Any genres of films he does, it makes the Box Office Collection roared and ardent fans can hope for like padman will create its magic at the box office and will surpass all the previous records of Akshay Kumar. Trend and media expect a huge profit from padman and predicts that it will hold its growth largely to the presence of a big star like Akshay Kumar.

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