Jai Lavakusa

Jai Lava Kusa Quick Movie Review

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Jr NTR stuns you with his versatility as he enacts three characters effortlessly

The day we have been waiting for is finally here. Jr NTR’s much-awaited Jai Lava Kusa has released today with much fanfare. The film had garnered a huge buzz because the Telugu star was to play a triple role for the first time, Jai, the Ravana of villains, Lava, the good-natured man and Kusa, the con man. After separate posters and teasers for each of the characters, the trailer was unveiled. It promised to be the entertaining story with doses of romance, drama, action, and twists. So, has the movie lived up the hype it has created? Our South critic, Karthika is watching the movie right now and let’s find out what she has to say about the first half:

Jai Lava Kusa Quick Movie Review

“The story follows the life of three brothers who exhibit distinct personalities. At a young age, while performing a play, Jai set the stage on fire leaving his other brothers to die. Cut to present, the movie begins with Kusa, who is a con man looking to escape to America. That’s why he calls upon an irritation, aka immigration lawyer to help him get a green card. He hands him a bag full of notes. That very night, Narendra Modi imposes the demonetization policy. As things are not going his way, distracted and frustrated, Kusa’s car meets with an accident. The injured guy in the other car is none other Lava. The two brothers then catch up on all that has happened with them so far. Lava has grown up to be a sincere bank manager. He is innocent, high on morals and is madly in love with Priya (Rashi Khanna). Subsequently, he gets into trouble for passing a loan for an illegal property. Kusa decides to take his place and get him out of trouble. But he obviously continues to con. Their secret game is soon out and they both get into trouble. But when Lava confronts Kusa about some of his activities, he refutes outright. That’s when it strikes them like a thunderbolt – What if there is a third brother? With the Asura music playing in the background, we know who is coming! The one and only Jai! His entry just like his character is epic. He’s fearless and his screen presence sets the screen ablaze.

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