Muthuramalingam Movie Review

Muthuramalingam Movie Review

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Muthuramalingam Movie Synopsis |  Review

Synopsis: A rural family, which is also known for their valour and good deeds, encounters situations which pose threat to their pride in the movie.

Muthuramalingam Movie Review: After watching the trailer of the film and posters of Muthuramalingam, guess what one knows can be expected from the film – a masala mix which is set in a rural milieu, with predictable moments, its involving ample (or more) heroism and over-the-top dialogues and fights. Also done-to-death romance it is not-so-effective family sentiments. We also see tedious villains, and much more in the movie. Those who catch the film in theatres also despite the warning in the form of the already released posters/trailer one would unsurprisingly be in for a colossal disappointment.

Mookiah Thevar is the honorable head of his community in the village. He is a do-gooder and leads a happy family life with his wife named as Viji Chandrasekhar and three children, including Muthuramalingam (Gautam Karthik). Also master at silambam, the ancient martial art, he has also ensured that his younger son Muthuramalingam, too, is proficient in it.

Some of the students who are getting trained in silambam at his house, had to fight out with a few thugs who try to stop them participating in a competition. As the turmoil becomes serious and a few get badly injured, police officials go to Thevar’s home and ask him to surrender, for which the latter refuses.

We also see that when a cop finally manages to drag him by pulling his moustache, a matter of pride for him, his son Muthuramalingam come to the rescue – he fights and chops off the hand of the police officer as blood splashes on the face of a pleased Thevar. He appreciates his son for the ‘brave and timely act’ and ensures that the chopped off arm is hung on a tree for the public to get a glimpse and gives an ultimatum to the police department.

Also one sees a peeved department ropes in Ashok Pandian (Vamsi Krishna) to nab Muthuramalingam who is on a run to save his life and the pride of his community. He also gets time to romance with Lady Priya Ananad whom he loves. Now the question comes in our mind that Will Pandian be able to catch the fearless Muthuralingam?

Muthuramalingam Movie Poster | Banner | Trailer

Muthuramalingam Movie Poster :Muthuramalingam Movie Poster

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We also have Gautam Karthik, who is playing the titular role. He though pulls off the action sequences decently but should have tweaked his appearance and physique to suit the dauntless character rather than mere twirling the moustache often. The scenes which showcases his expertise in silambam is impressive though. In this movie Napoleon as the ego-centric community leader also appears stout and convincing throughout the film.

One also wonders how the film managed to get a U certificate in spite of a few blurred cleavage shots in a song and gory scenes in fight sequences. With all such melodramatic scenes at the climax has clichéd confrontation between the families of both the hero and villain and the film would have certainly worked if it would have released at least 20 – 30 years ago.

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