Kangana Ranaut: Pure love exists

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Kangana Ranaut Love Relationship

Kangana Ranaut: Pure love exists: Kangana Ranaut talks about her Love Relationship for a change and says she believes in shooting straight from her heart. She believes she knows how to deal with love, emotions, and heart breaks and we can see this thing in Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie ‘Rangoon’. One also gets to chat with experts from a candid chat. We believe Valentine Day is the best time to talk about it.

Kangana Ranaut Love Relationship
What’s your definition of love, can we know more about it?
Love is a real good feeling; it’s all how one takes it. It can be for your mother, father, family, boy friend, and husband. It all depends on how one defines love. The purest form of love is of mother’s which one experience once we are born. It can be same for your father too who has raised you. Our very first encounter in life is with love, one cannot deny it. The purpose of love changes and but the essence remains the same.
Are you a romantic person one who believes in the idea of V-Day, or a realist who thinks its mere fake and commercialised?

Kangana Raunat With Rangoon
Kangana Raunat’s releationship in Rangoon feels that when she was young, love meant a lot. Now it’s different, she says now the importance has come down and it isn’t much significant. Now you don’t wait for a Valentine to propose to you. In her age group it unfolds differently.
‘Rangoon’ will help one to explore various shades of love through your character Julia’s relationships. How much do you identify with it?

Kangana Raunat with Rangoon

Kangana Raunat in Rangoon film is very much relatable and that’s what’s best about Vishal Bhardwaj’s films. Even Julia finds it difficult to fit in, something different that contemporary women will identify with. She says she hails from mountains and if she speaks English, even if she wears make up or walk in High Heels, it’s all what she believes she should work hard to fit in. Julia is also in love with these two men, but the nature of both is not the same .In the movie the character of the actor Saif Ali Khan is very parasitic, especially at time when they both feed on each other insecurities. That’s what can make for a strong bond and it also makes two people really inseparable. One can really misunderstand the ‘need ‘of love.

Have you ever experienced something like that in your life?

There has been time when I believe that the equation where the I saw the person was also doing quite good and I also feel obliged to finally respond to that feeling and desire from his end , and I misunderstood it for none other than love . I also have been in situation where someone has been addressing your insecurities and also convincing that you are the best. He was also trying to tell basically what I wanted to hear at that point. He was also financially helping me as friend. Love is sometimes fake, I was in a situation where someone’s concern, kindness made me thought it was love but it wasn’t. In the film Rangoon you will see actual love between Julia and Nawab. Its flawless, without any purpose and it just flows on its own. It’s the best which brings out the best in Human Beings.

Love breaks ones heart. How do you deal with that?

Kangana Ranaut TalksKangana Ranaut talks about how she deals with heartache and the dark side of this emotion, which has also been explored in ‘Rangoon’.
I also believe, that heart break makes one tough. I am blessed that I come out of it very soon. It may take seven years to be in relationship but it takes just one week for me to end it and come out of it. It’s because I know that it has ended and I can’t do anything about it. It has been record breaking that I have never looked back into my exes although they have several times and the reason being that it’s already ended. When I was in relationship, I gave my best and once it has ended, it’s over. I never look back as I already satisfy myself and did my best being in relationship. This part of me knows completely sorted.

‘Rangoon’ taps the dark side of love. What you’re saying about the dark side of this emotion?
This film is set in an era where one seems to have extreme segregation among the people. Julia is one such actress who is looking to get rid of her background. She is also desperate of being Mrs. Billimoria. The dark love she shares is also something I totally understand. He doesn’t have any hand and also has given that mask, which whip, which is somewhere symbolic of the pain and the dark love they share. She also is seen bleeding at a point of time in the film. Dark love can certainly be fulfilling on one level but can be hollow at other. This film shows the pure love which sets one free between two people.

Do you secretly wish that someday, you’ll experience this pure kind of love that you just spoke about?
Well, I am already in such relationship. It has already happened to me in the past says Kangana Ranaut.
Do you have any Marriage plans?
I want to get married this year and it may happen this year hopefully.

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