Sports Personalities on Bollywood Screen

2018 Will be the Year When Actors Reprising the Roles of Sports Personalities on Screen

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Sports Personalities on Screen 2018

2018 Will be the Year When Actors Reprising the Roles of Sports Personalities on Screen: Sports biopic or popular sportsperson are never in limelight and the reasons for that lack of film made on those unsung heroes of a nation like India. There are many superstars who make India proud in all the sports activities that are happening across the globe. Therefore making a movie on famous sports star will be a perfect gesture of them. In 2018 many actors will don the hat to present their ambitious film on the silver screen. Popular sports personalities like Saina Nehwal, cricket legends Kapil Dev are some of the sports icons who have proudly represent the Indian tricolor and perform at the international level. To achieve such kind of incredible success it will be a tribute to those unsung heroes and to make a film on their journey also needs to be discussed with a global audience. Cinema and sports are never distinguished as both are interrelated and connected to the masses. Well, to inspire generations of how all these sports icons sacrificed their life to represent a country should be told on the silver screen. The film fraternity and sports person will have to complement each other to narrate the story and present the film in front of the audience. 

Biopic of the sports star is nothing new to the Bollywood and if anyone inspires generations then film on a living legend like Kapil Dev would be perfect. Thankfully, we can witness the heroics of Kapil Dev in 1983 world cup and bring the glory to the nation. Ranveer Singh will do the role of what Kapil dev did in 83 world cup. Well, as a movie fan we cannot ask for a better actor than Ranveer as his current status should justify the role perfectly. Similarly, Badminton champion Saina Nehwal also a prominent sports star who has made India proud of his back to back success in a sport like Badminton. People in India never seen the performance and dedication as earlier no footage or live coverage about sport were on air.

Sports Personalities on Screen

Therefore people are having the great interest in how current actors of Bollywood will do the role of sports star and make the glorious era of the past come alive.   Film star Akshay Kumar will soon be seen in Gold where he will redefine the role of the hockey coach and how he brings the glory for a nation is the main USP of the much-awaited film GOLD. Earlier, we did see Shahrukh Khan as women hockey coach and inspire them to win the prestigious trophy.

Chak de India was a path-breaking film where actor Shahrukh won the best actor and inspire other actors to follow the trend. Dangal was another film that made wrestling more popular with the masses. 2018 will be the year where sports biopic and famous personality come together and make an inspiring film on sportspersons. This is the time to make a film on those sports figures that have made our nation proud across the globe. Overseas, films which inspire the real-life story do well and same can be said to Indian film industry where the filmmaker can tribute that sportststar by making an inspirational film. Many celebrities in Indian film industry are in favor of filming a sports icon to the global audience.  Earlier no film except Chak de India or to some extent Aamir khans Dangal created enough hype and therefore film based on the life of an iconic sports figure should create an impact on the audience.

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