Air Drop Stunt in Furious 7

Air Drop Stunt is Real in Furious 7

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Air Drop Stunt in Furious 7 is Real from 11000 Feet Height

Car Drop Stunt from 11000 feet height:  The “Fast and Furious Series” franchise  having some of the most heart-pounding stunts you’ll find in theaters. The series’ stunts have gotten  more spectacular due to stunts director, from fairly street racing to cars dragging a bank vault through the streets, then a tank bulldozing through a freeway full of vehicles, and now  in Fast & Furious 7  cars were dropped from a plane and the plane is at 11,000 feet in the air. The idea behind the sequence in the film with Dom and company in their souped-up cars drop from a plane high above Colorado and parachute into the mountains below.

Air drop stunt in Furious 7

Air drop stunt in Furious 7 is real: According to makers of film, very little CGI was included using real vaults and tanks to pull it off.”Furious 7″ director James Wan and the producers once again came to Razatos to take on the franchise’s most insane sequence yet.which is called as the “air drop.”

Air drop stunts Director

Air drop stunts Behind the Scene: The men who is responsible for making those releastic scenes  possible is 30-year stunt veteran Spiro Razatos. The films avoid using CGI for the bulk of such scenes due to chance of loosing popularity and that’s why very little or no CGI is used in many stunts. Now we have to figure out the actual mystery behind tossing cars out of a flying airplane. Meet Jack Gill. He was the stunt driver for Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and many other action films. For Furious 7, he was a stunt coordinator and second unit director. Razatos, who is also responsible for directing the “air drop” scene in “Furious 7” where Dom , Brian, and the rest of the crew drop their cars out of a plane, said he not only had to talk the producers into shooting the mountain sequence in Colorado, but convince them to film it at all.

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