Even my 6-year-old niece can write the story for Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki and I’m NOT kidding

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I am so done with Rishi – Tanuja falling in love and breaking up every darn time.

I am so done with Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki! I feel like the makers have literally made a fool of the audience by saying that it’s a story about reincarnation. Yes, reincarnation did happen but Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) and Tanuja’s (Kratika Sengar) love story is way too boring now. I mean, I would rather sit at home and watch repeat episodes of Shin Chan than this. The only plot of the story is that Rishi-Tanuja falls in love, then she dies and is born again to fall in love with him. They fall in love eventually after some illogical drama and thereafter she ‘accidentally’ gets married to him. But then they part ways, thanks to some misunderstanding.

The entire story revolves around Rishi and Tanuja making up and breaking up every darn time. There are so many plot twists that they can cook up but no, they want to keep Rishi and Tanuja’s love story as good as a teenager’s. My six-year old niece can come up with better twists for the show than the lazy, shoddy writing that the writers of KTPK are doing right now.

And now there’s some upcoming custody drama in the show where Rishi demands the custody of his daughter he never knew exists. Talk to the child and even she’ll give a few good ideas. I mean, there’s absolutely no brainstorming with where the show is going. The show will run for eight years on television and even then, Rishi and Tanuja (who will be like 500 years old but still look like they’re 30) will be fighting with each other because of misunderstandings.

Even my niece would understand by now that communication is the problem and that the characters need to work on it. At least the writers of Sasural Simar Ka came up with entertaining stuff even if some of it was inspired by Game Of Thrones. I would honestly enjoy watching such bizarre illogical stuff than watching a teenage love story where the couple keeps fighting and then making up. The number of times Rishi and Tanuja have filed for a divorce is a mockery of marriage and relationships.

There is no end to this drama and there is nothing new about it. The writers are as confused about Rishi – Tanuja’s fate as I am when I have to choose between red velvet cake and Ranveer Singh (two of my favorites)! Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi had more versatile writing than this and the comparison can just go on and on. Even if I skip an entire week of KTPK I would still understand what’s happening in the show because NOTHING CHANGES. I’m going back to sipping my coffee and waiting for the writers to make some interesting plot changes in the show.

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