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“I believe in right content and not the star presence “Neeraj Pandey

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“I believe in right content and not the star presence “Neeraj Pandey

Neeraj Pandey has made many films on the subject of conflict within the system and all his previous films have commercial elements. Prior the Release of Aiyaary, Neeraj has stated the emphasis on making right kind of movie with a strong message to the audience. Political satire drama or conflict within the armed forces every film Neeraj has so far made go on to become cult classic movies. Known for his fantastic vision, the acclaimed filmmaker like Neeraj Pandey is currently waiting for his film release with all the versatile actors assembles.

Previous films like the baby, special 26 and Wednesday all are Neeraj Pandey best work till date. Being a writer himself Neeraj knows the importance of writing and promote them to make a highly acclaimed film. The pros of Neeraj work like in Special 26 it keeps the suspense or thrill until the end of the movie and this is perhaps the biggest forte of Neeraj Pandey films. The rich content of a massy entertainer will have enough reasons to sustain the enormous neck to neck business competition in Indian film industry.

The soft-spoken yet intense look is one can describe a filmmaker like Neeraj Pandey. Having hailed from a low profile background, Neeraj films got the limelight from the very first film like Wednesday. The film did win many awards and nominated for best film, best director and the list will go on. The greatest USP of making a thriller is that people do not have any ideas of what will happen next and this kind of thriller will survive more rather than doing predictable films. Neeraj has collaborated with many Big Stars of Bollywood and his rapport with Akshay Kumar made the duel combination a lot more interesting. When Baby was made, it had commercial value to entertain people as well as keep them guessing all the time. Known for making suspense thriller, the trademark signature films of Neeraj have so far earned many significant awards and prove that if you made a film with right content then the film will surely appeal the audience. Apart from the big star like Akshay Kumar, all other films do not have a bankable star. It shows that if you want to make a film with right subject and presentation then your film can do wonders at the box office.

Similarly, a big star can give you the initial opening at the box office but in the longer run, they bombed at the box office due to a poor storyline and predictable story.  Now a day, the audience wants to see the different genre of films to get their money worth. Neeraj Pandey Films are always bringing the best performance from his co-stars. Therefore we can see that all his co-actors have a great rapport and it proves that if you intend to make a commercial film no matter how bigger star you have at the end of the day your film will survive if it has the powerful script, intriguing narration and most importantly made for masses. 


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