Misbehave or Showing Dissent: Shahrukh khan Kohan up His Thought about Respect the Women on set

Misbehave or Showing Dissent: Shahrukh khan Kohan up His Thought about Respect the Women on set

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Misbehave or Showing Dissent: Shahrukh khan Kohan up His Thought about Respect the Women on set

Bollywood actor shahrukh khan has expressed his gratitude towards respect co star and obeys their concern. In a recent interview when media ask for his opinion about opposite counterpart the king khan obliged the fact about women dominance over a country like India. People used to disrespect women and it proves the way film fraternity supported the shahrukh remarks on women power in Indian film industry.

Shahrukh khan always in opinion about showing respect to his female co star and urged people to believe that being a woman is no shame and therefore they should treat and respect women like they did with any male co star. Worked with many ravishing actresses king khan has never lost his identity. He remains the same shahrukh that we were used to see in two decades ago .Stardom and growing popularity never affect the vision and principle of shahrukh.

Paired with newcomers or veteran actress he has worked with every contemporary actress till date and in favor of women centric films.  Recently shahrukh was in davos for world economic summit forum along with Hollywood celebrities. When ask for gender equality still exist in films king khan expressed his comments like “as a develop country we have to respect women and equally deserve all the freedom to showcase their talent and not to think about gender bias”.

At a time when women harassment and molestation growing rapidly this statement of sharukh will surely inspire women to ask for better opportunity in work station. In the midst over controversy of whether gender equality exists in Bollywood, shahrukh was quick to response and said “whether I am doing films with newcomer or established actresses, women should deserve their due respect and no casting couch will be tolerated for the betterment of women future”.

King Khan explained with an example “when your name comes first it should also like that your costar name will come ahead and it will show the equal gender power which is a concern for people in India”. Small things matter the most as shahrukh also clarified that being a Muslim he did not ashamed of it as his opinion on Hindu nationalism and said social media plays huge part to promote any gender feelings and within the hype and buzz it also keeps them stay connected for longer period.

Shahrukh has made appoint about how racism has prevailed over most countries and  is hopeful that with people start thinking in a broader mindset it slowly  overcome the  racism  indifference and holds the democracy into  a developed  and mindset wise people will be shown respect to women  and give equal rights to both  men and women. Shahrukh concern remains as he has seen the life from close range and reveal that being a Muslim  will never  affect his personal life and  in current days he is regarded as the most influential and iconic public figure  for global audiences .

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