Rangoon Is Currently In Trouble. As If The Poor Box Office Collection Was Not Enough

Rangoon is currently in trouble. As if the poor box office collection was not enough!

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Rangoon is currently in trouble. As if the poor box office collection was not enough!

Censor board has aroused new trouble for the movie Rangoon as they feel that the film is not doing well at the box office. Neither did the actors Saif Ali Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kaproo in movie Rangoon. So over all the movie hasn’t done well at Box office and has not given good business.

The Film Rangoon has been a flop. It has rubbed the Central Board of Film certification this time in a negative way and due to this it might land up in a legal mess. The actors Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut all have given the best but unfortunately the movie was a flop and didn’t give much business.

Film Rangoon is directed by famous director Vishal Bhardwaj. His movie Rangoon is running in theatres without censor certificate and also without the anti tobacco short films. As a result of this the movie is not being passed by CBFC. On one hand the movie Rangoon has not been appreciated much by the audience and the ticket windows are not doing good sale. This may further cause major problems as the film is already a flop and is struggling.

It was told to DNA byPahlaj Nihalani, the chairperson of the CBFC that, ‘’ Film Rangoon has been playing in theatres across the country and outside India without the censor certificate and also without the anti smoking short films. These anti smoking ad films are very important to be played in movie theatres. They show the actors smoking and /or drinking .Film Rangoon also shows that the actors are indulged in serious substance abuse. We have also asked the makers to put a disclaimer ahead of the opening credits. And that disclaimer has gone missing. Also it was disclosed that now the anti smoking short films are not played in the beginning and after the intermission. Also that the censor certificate is not flashed at the start according to the law. Now these are serious offences. ‘’

The Film is also a love story which has been set against the backdrop of the World War II, also we have Saif Ali Khan who is an actor and has acted as producer of the film Rusi Bilimoria, Kangana Ranaut is playing the role of Miss Julia and actor Shahid Kapoor is acting as Jamadar Nawab Malik of British Army in the film Rangoon.

We have also come to know that the Movie has several rules broken set by CBFC and they will be taking serious action against the team.

‘’We will also be taking legal action against the digital operators. We will also not point any fingers at anyone else for the lapse at this time. It completely the responsibility of digital operators to play the length that is shown to us and certified by the CBFC. Also they said that no footage is supposed to be shown in theatres than what we certify. In the Film Rangoon, the laws have not been followed. The digital operators are screening less footage than what has been approved by the CBFC incase in the film Rangoon, the anti smoking films are removed from the beginning and after intermission. It is considered as serious offence. Chairperson Nihalani also said that we are investigating as to how deep the offence goes.

The CBFC head also went on to add saying, “Maybe some self-appointed intellectuals of our film industry feel it is okay to break the law as long as they can ridicule the jurisdiction of the CBFC.”

Film Rangoon’s laidback pace and lack of interesting storyline can be the reasons behind its poor performance at the box office in India.Film has not been able to earn good business in a week’s time , not even approx of Rs 50 Crore mark in India .


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