Trapped Movie Story Review

Trapped Movie Story Review

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Trapped Movie Review Rajkummar Rao Is Superb

Trapped  Movie Story:Shaurya’ role played by Raj Kumar Rao must pluck up the courage in order to stay alive. This should happen after he accidentally locks himself up in his brand new apartment. This apartment is rented apartment. Further disaster happens when his phone battery dies and since this building is devoid of people or residents, water supply, food and electricity. Actor Shaurya has to take up necessary measures in order to survive this unexpected nightmare.

Review: Trapped is a must watch

Trapped Review: He is neither trapped in Marone Island nor in isolated canyon or an ocean like in other movies instead he is in Mumbai city apartment which is located in the middle of crowded street. Vikaramaditya Motwane brilliance lies in turning this unsuspecting setup into none other than hellish playground.

We also see that the Denial turns into panic as the sun comes down and also a sense of claustrophobia which creeps in making one hold their breath. One also feels imprisoned in that flat along with protagonist who does whatever it takes to survive; even he has fear of rats. All his Hallucination becomes yours and that it. Ones hunger can turn one into beast. And this is certainly is not for weak gender. It also makes one squirm in ones seat. One also feels relieved after the movie ends and one values his or her own freedom on walking out. The thought of having privilege to gorge on some buttery roadside Pav Bhaji that the actor shaurya couldn’t have enjoyed is very much a testament to the maker’s victory.

Also not to forget driving this one man show is lead by Raj Kumar Rao who has allowed the film to solely feed on his characters despair. His ability as an actor is to portrays this ordeal which is so very much astounding. Geetanjali Thapa is so pleasant.

However when given the nature of the story, Trapped movie review does test everyone’s patience after a while. One also doubts the protagonist intelligence and sanity. Few questions which can come up in everyone’s mind can be as to How come even fire doesn’t draw any attention? Why would you rent a flat from a dubious agent, in an empty building? All these and much more, the mounting tension makes one overlook these flaws. What Happens? ‘SH** happens’!

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