Song Joong-ki, Descendants of the Sun star has confirmed his relationship with a British woman.

 After a quick romance, Song Joong-ki previously wed his Descendants of the Sun Song co-star  Hye-kyo.

Song Joong-agency ki's has announced that the actor has moved on and is in a relationship three years after their split from Hye-kyo. On December 26, it was revealed that the actor is dating an ordinary British woman.

Actor Song Joong Ki is presently dating a woman with pleasant feelings, according to a statement from Song Joong-agency. ki's We hope your opinion of their connection will be positive.

We kindly beg for your patience as we are unable to confirm anything other than the fact that they are dating, and we would appreciate it if you would abstain from posting any speculative or unsubstantiated news. They were seen in a viral video walking together through the airport.

The actor was previously wed to Song Hye-kyo, his co-star in Descendants of the Sun, after a quick relationship. But by 2019, the couple had broken up, shocking his supporters. I'd want to start by saying that I'm sorry for breaking bad news to everyone who cares about and loves me. I have already made plans to divorce Song Hye Kyo.

"Our actress, Song Hye Kyo, is currently divorcing her husband after due contemplation between the two," read a statement from Song Hye-agency. kyo's Their dissimilar personalities served as the cause. This choice resulted from the two's inability to put aside their differences. Since it concerns the actors' private life, we kindly beg for your understanding since we are unable to confirm any additional information.Additionally, we kindly request that you abstain from posting any controversial or speculative comments on the subject. We apologise if we worried you. In the future, we shall do our best to greet you all more positively.

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