Top 8 Fortnite Skin Character That Are Gone From Fortnite Forever

Top 8 skins that are gone from fortnite forever .

Number 8 - World Warrior 

fornite World Warrior
World Warrior

This Fortnite Skin Was Exclusive skin that was in the store for 800 v-bucks during the fortnite world cup 

Number 7 - Demogorgon 


Fortnite's Demogorgon will never come back due to netflix breaking cooperation with fortnite 

Number 6 -Galaxy 

Galaxy from fortnite

This Fortnite Character skin was exclusive for players who bought special phones during fortnite collaboration with samsung

Number 5 - Rue 

Rue from fortnite

Fortnite Character Rue will never come back nice because of controversial appearance 

Number 4 - Mike Lowrey 

Mike lowry from fortnite
Mike Lowry

Fortnite 's One of the Most happening Character Last once in the shop 483 days ago and will never come back due to the slap incident 

Number 3 -Travis scott 

Travis scott from fortnite
Travis Scott

Fortnite's Exclusive skin that was only available during the event with travis in fotnite

Number 2 - Renegade Raider 

renegaide raider from fortnite
Renegaide Raider

Renegade Raider Was a super rare skin from Fortnite season 1 in chapter 1

Number 1 -Havoc 

Havoc from fortnite

Havoc Was available for 1 twitch prime pack in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter One

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