Cloudflare Not Loading Website Issue Resolved, 520 Host Error

Cloudflare DNS Not Working Host Error 520 

Unknown connection issue between cloudflare and the origin web server

Host Error 520
Host Error 520

Go to your cloudflare dashboard

Then click on DNS setting , on your dashboard you can find the ip address columns to write , you will find all the IP address in the description , If these all 4 columns are already filled automatically by cloudflare , then plese wait for the step 2,Rest people just copy all four address and paste ,type should be A, Name (required should be your domain) then copy the ip adddress and paste it in the IPv4 address proxy status should remain proxied, TTL should remain On Auto , you have to paste all 4 IP addresses one by one

Now Step 2

Now on the left of your cloudfare dasboard just below the email section you will find the SSl/TlS option , just click on that you will see the edge certificate option there ,click on that just turn on the always use https , if it is turned off.


We Have Done 2 Steps   

1st one is 'you have to paste the all 4 ip addresses, step 2 turned on the Always use https ,

IP Addresses Are :-

Now move on to Step 3rd

On the bottom left of your cloudflare dashboard you will see the ' Rules ' section , just click on the that under rules section go to page rule then create a page rule , this is very important setup , please read it carefully  , i will show you how , watch the video instruction for more .

Now lets go to the step 4 , this is for who are using blogger , go to your blogger , turned on your https redirect and https availability ,it will take 1,2 hour please keep patuence after doing that , your website will start working fine after doing the last step 

Now lets go the last step

On your cloudfare dashboard , you will see an overview section under ssl/tls section, click on that now change the ssl/tls setting to flexible if it is off/full or full strict now enjoy your website is working fine

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