Arvind Kejriwal Takes a Bold Step: Opts Out His Twitter's Blue Tick

 Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi 

And the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 

Has recently decided to opt out of the blue verification tick on his Twitter account. Although he hasn't officially commented on the matter, his decision has sparked speculation among his followers and the media.

Some speculate that Kejriwal wants to present himself as an "aam aadmi," or a common man, as the AAP is known for representing the interests of the common people. 

Others suggest that he may be distancing himself from symbols of privilege and exclusivity. Regardless of the reason, Kejriwal's decision of opts out the blue tick has caught the attention of many, and it remains to be seen how it will impact his image and relationship with his followers on social media.

What Twitter's blue verification tick indicates 

It indicates that an account has been verified as authentic and belongs to the person or organization it claims to represent. The symbol is highly coveted by politicians and public figures as it establishes their legitimacy and authority in the eyes of the public.

However, Kejriwal appears to have a different perspective on the matter. By opting out of the blue tick, he is signaling that he wants to be seen as a common man. The AAP has always positioned itself as a party that fights against the establishment and represents the interests of the common people.

Kejriwal's decision has received mixed reactions from the public. Some praise him for his humility and willingness to connect with the common people, while others criticize him for being attention-seeking.

Aap Supported The Decision or Not 

The AAP has supported Kejriwal's decision, saying that it aligns with the party's philosophy of being a "people's party." The party hopes that other politicians and public figures will follow Kejriwal's example and put the needs of the people before their own egos.

Arvind Kejriwal's decision of opts out the blue tick from his official twitter account has also triggered a debate on the role of social media in politics. Some argue that social media has become too focused on symbolism and superficialities, and that politicians should prioritize substantive issues and policies. Others believe that social media is an important tool for politicians to connect with the public and that symbols like the blue tick can help establish credibility and legitimacy.

Regardless of the debate, Arvind Kejriwal's decision of opts out the blue tick from his official twitter account has once again put him in the spotlight. He has a history of using social media to connect with the public and build his image as a grassroots leader. His active presence on Twitter, where he often interacts with his followers and addresses their concerns, has made him a popular figure among Indian netizens.

The long-term implications of Kejriwal's decision remain to be seen. Will other politicians follow his example and opt out of the blue tick? Will Twitter change its verification process to make it more accessible to the common people? Only time will tell.

For now, Kejriwal's decision has once again demonstrated that he is a leader who isn't afraid to challenge conventions and take risks. Whether or not it will help him connect with the common people remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the Chief Minister of Delhi is once again in the spotlight.

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